Basic guide to betting on golf every beginner should know

Golf is a sport for the upper class in the Western countries and is popular worldwide today. With that development, online bookmakers also meet the demand for players about online golf betting. Let’s find out what golf betting is and how to play golf betting at the house in the article below!

What is golf betting?

Golf online betting is a form that players bet on the rafters set by the house in golf. Each golf course will usually have 9 to 18 holes.

Most 18-hole golf courses require a Golfer to complete within 72 standard clubs. Usually the number of holes and clubs will be calculated as follows: 4 holes with 3 standard clubs; 4 holes with 5 standard clubs and finally 10 holes with 3 standard clubs. Accordingly, this regulation may vary depending on the design of each golf course.

The scoring method in golf is often quite complex with many other categories; like most golfers who complete 18 holes with fewer strokes will win.

How to play golf betting

The basic types of golf bets available at the online bookie when the player access the W88 link today.

Bets for tournament winners

This is the longest bet in golf betting. This type of bet is similar to a championship bet in football; Players will select the golfer they believe will win the final victory in the tournament.

Especially in the big tournaments; bookmakers often expand the size of this type of betting; instead of because the player only bets on the winning golfer; There are also odds for the top 6 golfers.

Match bets for 2 golfers

This player will guess which of the 2 golfers will complete his turn with the lowest score. In this type of golf rafters; The result will be based on the result of confrontation between the two golfers matched by the house; whether they play the same match or not. Which golfer has the lowest score; then after finishing 18 holes will win; In the 36 hole content, there is still a similar calculation.

Handicap betting on handicap

Similar to soccer handicaps, the top and bottom markets have the same handicap rates that the online bookie lists in pairs. Thanks to that, the players will proceed to bet on the golfers for themselves.

The outcome of this bet; will also be based on the number of strokes the upper golfers have; After the tournament has been completed, more or less of the underdog will have a handicap added.