Guide to betting on the UK horse racing for beginners

Betting on horse racing can make more interesting for players when the bookmakers always offer different types of bets, different types of odds as well different types of prizes. The first advice for beginner is doing research detail about all information related to horse racing betting on theory. This is really important to understand them clearly before you place on betting officially. It’s better that you shouldn’t kid to your money.

As for a beginner, this article will guide how the way to place betting on the UK horse racing with the individual race markets then the multiple bets.

Firstly, Guide about individual race betting. It includes win betting, head to head betting and laying or “not to win”

In general, win betting is the most straightforward bet which you place your bet then cheer on your horse and hope it overcome the post fastest. Depending on other racings, bookmakers can offer various odds for a place. Winning the race is the most important to receive rewards.

The next is head to head betting. It means you have to choose and place between 2 horses from the available list. This type only provides small odds but it is comparatively safe and easy to win.

Then, laying or “Not to win” is considered the most popular kind of betting on this field. The listed is also available from traditional bookmakers so your responsibility is to place a bet for the named horse not to win. It makes more interesting when you cheer weaker racing horse. Finally, you can receive winning bonus when it loses.

Secondly, Guide about multiple racing betting. It means you have the right to place many times for the fastest runners among other racings. It also separates into other betting like: Yankee, Lucky or super Yankee.