Is UK the future of USA sports betting or not?

In UK, gambling is ubiquitous under other form. For example, player can place wagers before or during the game. Or player can place wager whether how many goals will be scored in total match or whom score the most goals. Depending changes and requirement from the betting site. They always update the newest way to attract more player to wager and place betting.

According to a report of the UK gambling commission, in about 65 million inhabitants, they wagered nearly $20 billion for betting in 2017. This is a big number to prove that gambling is a potential business industry for UK. Some expert guess that history and develop of gambling in UK has familiar with sport betting in USA. However, with a rich history, USA has more diverse sports market with provided many sport betting as well organize annual championships to make condition for betting developed. On average, in 2018, there are five major professional sports competitions and hundreds of college sports events.

In UK, they focus on football betting because they are well known with professional football league all over the world. In the Premier League, there are 9 of the 20 soccer teams have appeared their names in gambling companies. Almost all football clubs have official betting partners on both the stadium and online websites. Their relationship values up to multi million-dollar.

Betting advertisements on TV or the internet is popular and public with many times in a day, even it comes over advertising times for beer and pizza companies.

For example, advertisements of Bet365 betting game. The operator offer Ray Winstone actor to promote marketing strategies. Actually, Ray is more well-known in a new role for Bet365.

During the decade, the gambling and betting on website and mobie applications have developed fast and sophisticatedly. The big companies try to build up professional systems to serve customer’s demand.