Overview about betting sites in United Kingdom


United Kingdom has large economy in the world. In this nation, there are humorous number of sport betting lovers. Many British players are addict to gambling as a daily habit. This reason why there are hundreds of betting sites to be established every year.

The abundance of wagering or variety of betting forms make interesting and thrilling to gamblers. This article will overview about betting sites in UK.

5 things to know about betting

Firstly, revenue from sports betting is free tax.

Secondly, gambler has to be over 18 years then you are legal to join.

Thirdly, your bonus as well finance will be assured by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Fourthly, you shouldn’t register for betting in unlicensed sites because it can be risky about withdraw and blocked by UKGC immediately when they find it.

Finally, gambling in UK is under criticism from political and public officials if it causes bad consequences or debt.

About betting sites

As introduced above, there are various sites about betting in UK. Some sites are legal and free to public but others has not recognized by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)

Can list some famous sites about betting like: 888 sport, bwin, 22 bet so on.

As the rule, all sites have to comply legal as requirements of UKGC. All costs like application cost, annual fees, operation fees should be publicized on the Remote Gaming Duty.

About deposits & withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals become convenient to gamblers because there are world’s largest bank to provide available money as demand.

Some services for transferring money contain Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Neteller, Paypal, Paysafe and of course direct banking transfers.

Bitcoin and other electric currencies are also accepted legally by the UKGC, however, very few sites limit and dislike them.