Special Football Markets

In our previous informative article, we discussed some of the most common types of straight bet markets in football. If you have not yet familiarised yourself with these markets, we encourage you to browse through the site for that article, as it will give you an overview. In football, we have unique markets which do not require one to place a bet based on the game’s final outcome. We have particular markets which are determined by other variables such as goals, cards, and the first player to score, among others. Let us look at some of these special types of bets.

Goal Markets

The goal market comes in many ways of determining if you win or lose the bet. Some common goal markets include the goal/no goal where goal means that both teams must score at least one goal each, while the no goal market is where you predict a 0-0 result or only one team to score. Over/under market is where a bettor predicts if the total number of goals in the game will be more than a given figure, such as 0.5,1.5,2.5 and so on. The correct score market requires the bettor to predict the exact goal line in the match.

Corner Bets

This is a conditional type of bet where the punter predicts if the number of corners for an individual team or both teams combined will be over or under a given line offered by the bookmaker, which is similar to the over/under goal market.

Number of Cards

This is another betting market where the bettor is required to predict the total number of cards in a game. These may either be yellow or red cards or in some cases both. This type or market is ideal for experienced punters, as it requires some considerable knowledge of the game, and deep analysis, to have a better understanding of the relationship between the two teams.