Sports Betting in England

The United Kingdom is known to have the most developed betting laws in the world, with the UK priding itself on being the first jurisdiction to introduce the oldest sportsbook in the 19th century. Online and land-based casinos are legal in England with bookmakers such as William Hill and Ladbrokes having existed in England for years. It is undoubtedly important to note, that most of the famous bookmakers in England started as bricks and mortar outlets, before rolling out their online platforms, which have seen most of these operators expand their business to outside of England.

England’s landscape is dominated by betting shops with over 9000 of them all over the UK. Before the 2005 Gambling Act was adopted, betting laws in the UK applied to all four countries which are part of the UK including England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. However, when the Act came into law, the land-based casino licencing responsibility was passed over to the individual governments, giving the respective countries the power to authorise bookmakers in their jurisdiction.

Safety of Sports Betting in England

Online and physical casino sports betting activities are controlled by the UK Gambling Commission for UK residents, making it one of the safest betting industries in the world. Most sportsbooks in England and the UK are companies listed on the stock exchange, hence publicly-traded, increasing the player’s confidence with the bookmaker. Bookmakers also provide secure money deposit options, and there is also data protection measures, making your personal information safe.

Sports bettors in the UK have the best opportunities, because there is fierce competition between bookmakers, offering the best terms and conditions. Bettors can also enjoy deposit bonuses and other promotions, which are meant to entice them to choose one bookmaker over the other. With football being one of the most loved sports in the world, the English Premier League remains to be one of the leading sports in betting markets in England.