The most popular types of basketball betting nowadays

Basketball betting styles are now as popular as football, especially for those who are fans of both domestic and foreign basketball teams. Do you know what basketball betting is? What basketball bets are there? If not clear, let’s find out football together to get an overview and make the best choice.

What is a basketball betting?

Basketball betting styles are reflected in the form and way of playing basketball. As you know, basketball is a sport played in a team format, each team has 5 participants in each match. The result of the match is calculated by the number of shots in the basket, the team with the more goals wins.

Basketball betting styles

Basketball betting is to bet on the result or ball, a number of goals in each match. Before the game starts, the dealer will offer bets to players to enter and place bets on either half or throughout the ball game.

Some popular basketball markets are handicap, faint (top and bottom), winning team… To win in this game, players need to know the main basketball odds and ways. body.

Popular types of basketball betting

Currently, there are many different basketball odds for you to choose from. Knowing them will help you get a high chance of winning. The two most popular types of basketball betting are as follows.

Champion team

This is a simple betting form that many people choose to play due to the high probability of winning. To enter this market, you only need to predict which of the two teams will win regardless of the score, number of penalties, game. The common odds of winning are 1.5 times.


In all types of basketball betting, the handicap is also a fairly popular form of play by many people. With this market, the winning team will either accept or receive a predetermined handicap for the player to bet. This factor will include both the handicap and during the match.

Above are the popular types of basketball betting today. Hope that through this article you have learned more about scoring when playing basketball as well as betting.

In order to place a correct, accurate bet with a high win rate, in addition to knowing the rules of betting, you should also learn about the basketball team you are betting on, the style of play, and the latest performance. Have a great time playing the matchmaking!