Top 5 most prestigious bookies sponsoring Premier League team (Part 1)

To promote its image, the prestigious football house does not hesitate to spend huge money to sponsor teams playing in the top football leagues in the world. We take a look at the top 5 prestigious football book houses sponsoring clubs in the English Premier League.

1. The Fun88 dealer sponsors Newcastle and Tottenham clubs

The prestigious Fun88 bookmaker has for the third year in a row sponsored Newcastle United with a £ 150 million contract, this is not a small number, which proves the strong financial potential of the house. this.

You will easily see that the Newcastle shirt in the last few seasons has the Fun88 logo on it.

In addition, the dealer Fun88 also comprehensive cooperation with the Tottenham club mistakenly promoted the brand for this house. The cooperation will help both promote the brand with each other, with mutual benefits. Fun88 always shows that they are the leading football betting house today.

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2. The W88 dealer sponsors Aston Villa Club

Under the agreement, W88 is the main partner of Aston Villa’s 2019/2020 season. This prestigious house logo will be on Aston Villa’s home and away jerseys in the Premier League, as well as the first-team training kit.

W88 is considered to be a record-breaking Commercial Partner of Aston Villa Club, promoting in the Premier League also gives W88 many benefits when reaching out to the number of fans around the world.

The W88 dealer is a rapidly growing brand in football betting and online casino in Asia. Last season the house was also a sponsor of Wolvehampton Club, also playing in the English Premier League.

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