United Kingdom Sports Betting


United Kingdom has known as sports betting industry with equally developed laws in the international betting game community.

There were oldest sportsbooks written and publicized in UK from 18th century. The UK sports betting community established the first sports betting exchange in the world. In general, bookmaking market in UK have become noisy and busy with gambler every day because betting sports are legal and proper with the law from the government.

United Kingdom Sports Betting Legality

Betting sports in UK divides into 2 types: land-based and online. As normal, both types are legal and acceptant and applied the same law called The Betting and Gaming Act in 1960.

Then there is renovated regulation to catch up with modern gambling style. As the consequences, the Gambling Act Updated has been applied in 2005. It’s a new set of regulation about betting sports which take advantages of technology and source of various games of the dealer.

Options for betting online in UK

As the agreed laws, in UK dealers have the right to accept player and gambler use real money.

According to the land-based betting, you should refer some reliable bookmakers such as: William Hill, Ladbrokes or Betfred. While you can play betting online on some famous website like: Betfair, BETDAQ as well Matchbook.

Frankly speaking, there are various options for your demand. To make more fun and relaxing with betting, you should check carefully dealer, bookmaker or online sites so that you can reduce risk from fake player and loss much real money.

To control revenue from the dealer, the Government imposed Point-of-Consumption Tax with additional 15% in 2004. This policy was disposed by many dealer but the Government still decided to keep it without any revise. UK want to determine the long target that betting sport in this country always maintains competitive and good for gamblers in the world.